Our Story

Drs. Molly Menser and Brian Matthys started F&F out of concern for the boost in skin cancer cases their dermatology practice was seeing in females.

They wanted to create a movement that uses fashion as a platform to reduce the rate of skin cancer.

Today, F&F educates men and women ages 15-30 about the dangers of suntanned skin. Females in this range are most likely to lay out in the sun or use a tanning bed. Men are also prone to seeking a tan. Melanoma - the deadliest form of skin cancer - is the most common cancer among women ages 25-29.

F&F partners with designers to host tan-free fashion shows across the country. The goal is to show men and women who follow runway trends that real style means celebrating their natural skin tone.


F&F raises funds to educate men and women about the dangers of having a suntan. Peer advocates in schools, targeted social media and mobile campaigns, and partnerships with pediatricians, are a few ways F&F reaches out and teaches that healthy skin is their most important fashion accessory.

Tell a Friend:

Help advance the F&F movement by following our social media pages and sharing the messages. Most importantly, take the tan-free pledge and tell a loved one why you've chosen to live with your natural skin tone and without a suntan.