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Molly Menser, DO and Brian Matthys, DO started Fair and Fashionable, also referred to as F&F. This was because of the increasing numbers of skin cancer in young females seen in her dermatology practice.  

The mission of F&F is to use fashion as a platform to reduce the rate of skin cancer in pre-teens, teens, young adults and adults. It is also a movement to change the belief that suntanned skin is healthy, beautiful and in-style.

We host fashion shows to inspire confidence that you can look good and in-style without a suntan.  We also offer a Tan-Free Pledge for people to proclaim their choice to live with naturally colored skin and without a suntan.

We're especially focused on educating women ages 15-30, since they’re most likely to use a tanning bed or to layout in the sun. Melanoma is also the most common cancer for women around this age range. Although, our scope is wider than this because melanoma affects all ages and genders. 

Fashion and healthy skin go hand-in-hand. After all, your skin is your most important fashion accessory.Knowing girls and women largely follow runway trends, we partner with designers across the country to host fashion shows with models who pledge to be tan-free.These events show women and girls that great style doesn’t require suntanned skin. Celebrating the skin they’re in is always on point.

The funds raised by Fair & Fashionable educate girls and women on the harmful effects of tanning. We create peer advocates in high schools; targeted social media and mobile campaigns; partnerships with pediatricians; and, we encourage girls and women to take our tan-free pledge.

You can help us advance the Fair & Fashionable movement. Donate here.