Why is daily sunscreen so important?

As you can see sunscreen is a common theme throughout our site. This blog post I want to explain exactly why applying it daily is so important and how it works.

*How it works: Ingredients in sunscreen either work to absorb the UV rays from the sun or they reflect and scatter it
*UVA vs UVB: UVA rays penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin causing signs of aging like wrinkles and UVB burns the more superficial layers of your skin which can potentially lead to skin cancer. Basically, you want to avoid both.
*UV index: calculated each day by the government based on the ozone layer to determine the strength of the sun's rays. The higher the number, the stronger the rays are. How to find the UV index? Click here.
*What happens if I don't wear daily sunscreen? You are more susceptible to the aging process (wrinkles and dark spots) and skin cancer.

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